Don  Romano
"Challenge Everything."

I’m often fascinated by the power of words. What seems innocuous at first may end up defining a company.

Many years ago, Hyundai Chairman Chung Ju-Yung uttered a question to his engineering team: “Have you tried?” It was a simple response to someone who said our Chairman had asked for the impossible.

Today, those three words are repeated in Hyundai offices around the world. They may be spoken in different languages, but the message is always the same: new thinking opens up a world of possibilities.

The status quo is fine for most people. It’s familiar. It’s comfortable. It’s easy. But it’s not for Hyundai. Progress doesn’t rise from convention. It comes from originality, innovation, and bravery. It comes from a challenging spirit.

At Hyundai, we challenge everything. It’s why our Elantra compact car offers heated front and rear seats. Or why the Veloster coupe has a third door to improve rear seat access. Or why our Santa Fe SUVs feature one of the largest panoramic sunroofs in the industry.

We even challenge convention in the showroom. Take, for example, our flagship Equus sedan. We offer a national “Your time, Your Place” service to these customers where our sales people will come to them. We’ll even pick-up – and drop-off – the car if it needs maintenance.

This is our approach to the auto business. We constantly challenge ourselves to be better. We know it’s different. And I know you’ll like it.

Thank you,

Don Romano
President and CEO
Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

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