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Get the ride without the size.

A safe, affordable, fuel-efficient compact car may be perfect for you.

Sometimes a small car isn’t just all you need: it’s exactly what you need. If your daily drive is usually solo or with one other person, three rows of seating and luggage space for a weekend isn’t necessary. What you really need is a comfortable, well-built vehicle that is reliable and treats your fuel-dollars as an expense – not a luxury.

Hyundai makes excellent compact cars. Their fuel economy rivals the best in their class; their interiors are high-quality and they have the features and options you want to make your daily trips a pleasure.

When does a compact car make perfect sense?

  •  when it’s your first new car, and you want something reliable and economical for you and a couple of friends to get around in.
  •  when you’ve already got a ‘family’ car, and you need a second car for running errands, picking up a few groceries, or taking solo trips to work or the gym.
  •  when you’re commuting every day, and simply want a safe, comfortable, reliable, economical ride to get you where you need to go.

Thinking about a new, small car? Think about the people who do small best: Hyundai. From the three-door Accent hatchback to the five-door Elantra Touring, we’ve got a new compact car that does all you need it to do, and a surprising amount more.

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