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There’s more to driving than Point A to Point B.

A luxury sedan or sports car can add smiles to your miles.

There’s a lot to be said for driving a solid, value-packed car. But there’s an awful lot more to be said about taking the wheel of a performance luxury rear-wheel drive sedan or rear-wheel drive sports car.

When you buy a new luxury sedan or sports car from Hyundai, you get more than you’d bargained for. You get an exceptionally well-built, well-backed car with more standard features than you’d expect. Better still, you get it at an affordable price that makes sense.

For a little something extra in your daily transportation - whether it’s the added kick of a high-output engine or track-inspired handling to raise your heartbeat – visit your local new Hyundai dealer and slip behind the wheels of the Genesis Sedan or Genesis Coupe.

These two new vehicles have virtually redefined the affordable luxury car and affordable sports car.

To view special offers and find great deals on luxury cars and sports cars, visit our special deals page now.

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