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Room for passengers. Room for cargo.

And in a crossover or SUV, you can take both anywhere.

If ever there was a country built for a vehicle that can go practically anywhere, in any weather, it’s Canada. In summer, we head to the wilderness - along unpaved roads – to cottages and campsites. Often there’s a load of luggage and a canoe or windsurfer on the roof.

In the winter, it’s deep snow and slippery roads as we head back to those same places, or off to the mountains for skiing and snowmobiling. SUVs and small crossovers are perfect when you need to get where you’re going without worrying about a few potholes or ruts slowing you down.

They’re also an attractive alternative to a minivan, giving you their people-hauling capacity with good mileage, added ground clearance and the option of four-wheel drive.

As you’d expect from Hyundai, our SUVs and crossovers are value-packed and priced sensibly. You’ll also appreciate a range of engine options for needs that range from boat-hauling power to fuel-efficient performance.

Check out a new Tucson, Santa Fe or Veracruz and discover the vehicle that fits your life best. Available today at your local new Hyundai dealer.

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