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The quality and reliability of Hyundai products are key factors in your purchasing decision. Through careful design and engineering, Hyundai automobiles are built to provide you with years of worry free driving enjoyment with minimum maintenance required. Regular maintenance - including replacement and replenishment of vehicle fluids - is essential to obtaining the highest level of performance, fuel economy, safety and reliability from your Hyundai. It is also important to follow the maintenance requirements specified by Hyundai in order to protect your vehicle investment, and to maintain your warranty coverage. Hyundai recommends that all service and maintenance be performed by an authorized Hyundai dealer. Hyundai dealers have factory trained technicians, specialized equipment, and genuine Hyundai replacement parts backed by a one year unlimited mileage warranty in order to provide high-quality service, maintenance and any other assistance that may be required. If you choose to perform maintenance yourself, or have your vehicle serviced at a location other than an authorized Hyundai dealer, we recommend that all fluids and materials used meet Hyundai standards for durability and performance. It is important to keep copies of service records and that you record service and maintenance completed in a log book or journal. The Owner's Manual supplied with every new Hyundai product provides detailed information about vehicle maintenance requirements. Also, ask your Hyundai dealer for a copy of the Factory Recommended Maintenance Schedule Brochure which clearly outlines Hyundai's maintenance requirements, intervals and pricing.

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