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As a condition of your vehicle’s warranty, you are responsible for properly maintaining your vehicle. Here’s where you can learn if your vehicle is still under warranty and what it covers.

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2022 Kona EV Preferred

New Vehicle

HYUNDAI AUTO CANADA’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers described components for 60 months from the Warranty Registration Date, or 100,000 KM, whichever occurs first.


Any original component that is found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use and maintenance, except components specifically covered under any other section of the HYUNDAI AUTO CANADA Corp. Warranty.


The following is not covered, unless specifically stated in HYUNDAI AUTO CANADA CORP. policy or coverage:

  • Normal maintenance service:
    Including checking, tightening, adjusting, engine tune-ups, fuel system adjustment, wheel toe & balancing, cleaning, lubrication, oil changes, replenishment of fuel,engine oil, transaxle fluid, brake fluid, clutch fluid, power steering fluid, anti-freeze coolant, windshield washer fluid, air conditioner refrigerant, headlight aiming and tire rotation.
  • Normal replacement of service items:
    Including spark plugs, wiper blades, fuses, worn brake and clutch linings, filters, lamp bulbs, belts, tires, hoses, hardware and other similar consumables.
  • Any vehicle that has been scrapped and a certificate of salvage has been issued for the vehicle

  • Damage or failure resulting from:
    • Negligence of proper maintenance as specified in the Owner’s Manual and this Service Passport.
    • Misuse, accident, theft or fire.
    • Use of parts other than Genuine HYUNDAI Parts.
    • Modification, alteration, tampering or improper repair.
    • Any device and/or accessories installed by any parties other than HYUNDAI.
    • Deterioration of rubber parts, upholstery and soft trim under normal use and exposure.
    • Slight irregularities not recognized as affecting quality or function of the vehicle such as slight noise or vibration, or items considered characteristic of the vehicle.

  • Tires

  • Consequential damage:
    Such as fuel, telephone, travel, lodging, inconvenience, commercial and/or personal loss and loss of use of the vehicle are not covered.


  • Proper use, maintenance and care of your vehicle in accordance with the instructions contained in this booklet and in your Owner’s Manual.
  • Aluminum is subject to corrosion due to environmental conditions. (Be sure to give aluminum alloy wheels special attention in winter. If you drive on salted roads, clean the wheels thoroughly afterwards.)
  • Retaining maintenance service records. It may be necessary for you to show that the required maintenance has been performed.
  • Delivering the vehicle during regular business hours to an authorized HYUNDAI Dealer to obtain warranty service.
  • Check for trim, paint or other appearance defects at the time the new vehicle is delivered.
  • The care and maintenance of a working odometer, so that the total accumulated distance traveled can be readily ascertained.

60 Months / 100,000 KM
Covered Components Months Or KM
Adjustments 12 Months Or 20,000 KM
Air Conditioner Refrigerant 12 Months Or 20,000 KM
Paint 36 Months Or 60,000 KM
Audio System 36 Months Or 60,000 KM
Battery 24 Months Or 40,000 KM
Powertrain 60 Months Or 100,000 KM
Anti-Perforation 60 Months Or Unlimited KM

Dealer Installed Accessory

Unless otherwise stated, the HYUNDAI Dealer-Installed Accessory Limited Warranty coverage is 36 months or 60,000 KM from the Warranty Registration Date, whichever occurs first. If installation occurs after the Warranty Registration Date, warranty coverage is 12 months from the installation date, regardless of distance traveled, or the balance of the 36 months or 60,000 KM coverage, whichever is greater.


Any HYUNDAI Accessory installed in a HYUNDAI vehicle for which it is designed, which is found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use and maintenance.


“What is not covered” and “Owner’s responsibilities” are as specified under the New Vehicle provisions.

36 Months / 60,000 KM
Covered Components Months Or KM

Road Side Assistance


Roadside Assistance Calls:
The following roadside services will be provided at no expense.

  • Fuel delivery service
  • Flat Tire changing service
  • Lockout service
  • Battery boosting service
  • Mechanical first aid
  • Towing service
  • Winching/Extrication service
  • Trip Interruption assistance service
*HYUNDAI 24 Hour Roadside Assistance is not a warranty, but a service provided to you in conjunction with our warranty, as part of the HYUNDAI satisfaction commitment to trouble free vehicle operation.

60 Months / Unlimited KM

EV System

HYUNDAI AUTO CANADA CORP. EV System Warranty covers the described components up to a total of 96 months from the warranty registration date, or 160,000 KM, whichever occurs first.

The following original EV system components which are found to be defective in material and/or workmanship under normal use and maintenance will be covered during the "Warranty Period" described above:
Motor, Inverter unit, VCM, Reduction gear, DC/DC converter, Onboard charger, Onboard charger connector, Trickle charge cable, In Cable Control Box, High Voltage Battery.

96 Months / 160,000 KM

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