Hyundai Fleet


Bring some WAH to your business Fleet.

With over 220 dealerships across Canada, Hyundai delivers reliability, one of the highest ranked warranties in Canada and a lineup consisting of the widest range of electrified, hybrid and gasoline vehicle options. 

We offer three categories of Fleet eligibility:


Commercial Fleet: Business entities registered and operating within Canada, Leasing companies must have a Fleet eligible end user.

Daily Rental

Independent rental companies registered and operating within Canada with over 10 Fleet vehicles used for daily rentals.

Government & Non-profit organizations

Includes all levels of Government and it’s subsidiaries

Hyundai offers a wide range of vehicles ranging from our compact sedans to our wide range of electric vehicles


Discover our industry leading sedans.


Crossover & SUV

Discover our wide range of Crossovers and SUVs.



Discover our wide range of Electric & Alternative powertrain vehicles


Why Choose Hyundai vehicles for your Fleet

We remain committed to developing advanced technology which reduces carbon emissions. We are leading the way in alternative fuel options by offering a wide range of electrified, hybrid, and plug in hybrid vehicles in Canada. 

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