Hyundai SUVs: Made for those who drive hockey.
Behind every dedicated hockey player is someone who provides an equal level of unwavering dedication and support. Someone who is reliable, dependable and travels from arena to arena — no matter how far, how early or late, or how bad the weather is. We build our SUV lineup for them, with the reliability and dependability they require from a vehicle. That’s why in Canada we proudly say we are made for those who drive hockey.
Introducing our lineup of hockey-friendly SUVs.
We build our SUV lineup with comfort features like a heated steering wheel* for those cold early mornings, convenience features like our hands-free Smart Power Liftgate* to assist in loading equipment and HTRACTM All-Wheel Drive* for confidence in all weather conditions. Because getting your hockey player to and from the ice is just as important as getting them on the ice.
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Meet Coach Jeremy of @howtohockey, Hyundai’s hockey Brand Ambassador

Thank you to those who drive hockey.

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